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640x480 Inread

Oath offers a range of standard units that are both IAB compliant and unique to Oath. These ad units represent basic image ads (HTML5, JPG, GIF) and text links.

640x480 Inread
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Ad Components

  • Initial File Load

File Type

  • MOV, AVI, FLV, MP4


  • 640x480

Max File Size

  • 20 MB


General Display Specifications - Standard


Ad Vendors

Must be site served or served by an approved vendor.
For a list of approved vendors, please visit our 3rd Party Vendors page: Oath Approved Vendors


15 seconds max animation time


Audio is not permitted.


Video is not permitted.


Expansion is not permitted.

Back-up Image

  • Required for instances when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (e.g., HTML5, JavaScript).
  • 3rd Party served ad tags are responsible for delivering the back-up image experience.

Display Ad Policies and Guidelines


3rd Party Tracking

Oath permits third-party tracking by approved vendors.  Please visit our 3rd Party Vendors page for more information.

Ad Notice

Oath requires all display ads have a CLEAR Ad Notice and will label ad units with an "AdChoices" linkable icon or graphic. Read about AdChoices for more information.

Ad Policies

Ads must comply with Oath's Ad Policies and Guidelines, where applicable. The policies and guidelines include: Unacceptable and Restricted Content, Rights and Responsibilities, Native Ad General Policies, Oath Ad Network Policies, Ad Verification Services. 

Additional Guidelines

There may be additional Advertising Guidelines to follow based on the type of ad and where it will display. 

HTML5 Guidelines

Please refer to the HTML5 Guidelines for more details

HTML5 File Size Measurement

The total file weight is determined by the weight of all zipped assets.


All ads must be secure and SSL compliant.

Submission Lead-Time

Please refer to the Creative Submission Guidelines for Lead-Times.

Pricing Table

Ad format Pricingmodels Price
640x480 Inread CPM 50 MAD

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